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Final Cut Express export problem.... [May. 20th, 2011|01:27 am]
Final Cut Pro User Community


Hey all, I'm hoping that someone here can identify why I'm having trouble with my exported files out of final cut express 4.

First of all, the concept behind the video is a type of collage-- there are three different video tracks each cropped evenly to fit on a single screen. It works great and plays perfectly fine in the canvas. Here's a screen shot representing what I mean, and showing how it looks within FCE:

Like I said, it runs fine in the canvas, but when I export the file using a Quicktime conversion, the exported file doesn't play the middle video track. It is mysteriously missing, and I have no idea why. Here's a screenshot of the exported video playing:

The middle slide is missing from the entire exported video. What has happened to it? I have tried exporting it 3 different times now, and it's the same problem every time.

Any advice would be immensely appreciated!

[User Picture]From: uterdic
2011-05-23 04:10 pm (UTC)
Awww no render manager? That sucks. I only see FCE every few months, so I don't always remember what is does and does not have. Ok, for some reason it isn't seeing the middle video clip while exporting. Here's my next suggestion.

I would recommend disconnecting the clips from the timeline and then re-connecting them. Here's the FCP process and I'm guessing it's not too much different in FCE:

-in the browser window, select the clips you are missing in the timeline, right click on them and select, "make offline." It will likely give you a confirmation message, choose to leave the media on the disk (this is the most non-destructive way to do this)
-Then select the same clips, right click on them and choose, "reconnect media..." FCE will likely find the clips immediately and reconnect them, but if not, you will have to navigate to the clips and select them.

There will likely be a re-render, but you should have the clips again and be able to export.

good luck,
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