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Won't render (apple intermediate Codec) [Feb. 14th, 2011|04:28 pm]
Final Cut Pro User Community


Hello Community.

I tried to put together a video from 1280 x 720 footage (codec, Integer (little Endian), Timecode). All editing went well and preview worked but final cut refuses to render or export the tracks as quick-file. It freezes each time somewhere between 3-10%. My RAM and SPACE is OK. Other footage works fine. Unfortunately, I can't log it from the camera because the footage was sent to me. Is there a way to fix this ? And if yes is it possible to do so without having to recut the whole thing over (i spent hours putting together subtitles).

Thank you so much for your expertise.


[User Picture]From: uterdic
2011-02-14 08:07 pm (UTC)
What type of 1280x720 do you have (you can find this is "sequence settings")? Integer (little Endian) are all audio codecs and not video. When you say it freezes, how long does it sit and wait before you determined it froze? Is there anything specifically complex at the 3-10% portion?

The render/export bar pretty much follows your timeline. That is why it speeds up and slows down so much. when it gets to complex portions it slows down. My guess is there is a corrupt render file or something similar at 3-10% into your sequence and it's hanging up on that. If you go to the render manager, and delete all the render files, and let it start from the beginning, it may push through.
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